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State of Sorrow: Political Intrigue and Evil Magical Farmer Lords

Author: Melinda Salisbury

Year published: 2018

  • Plot: 4/5
  • Characters: 4/5
  • Writing: 3/5
  • Overall: 4/5

TW: Drug addiction

State of Sorrow was a captivating fantasy and was full of political intrigue and mystery.

Sorrow was the daughter of the Chancellor of Rhannon. Her father had been distant ever since his first son was killed in an accident and his wife died whilst giving birth to Sorrow- he had a low key resentment towards her because of that- and became addicted to drugs. He then threw the entire country into a state of mourning for years and years where no one was allowed to laugh, smile, sing or even open a window. Sorrow spent her life sequestered in the palace and being raised by her grandma until everything changed and she learnt that she must fight to make her country what it once was.

The world building was pretty good I liked how we slowly found out little facts about the political systems, fashions, customs and features of the various countries instead of a confusing info-dump at the start.

Some ideas were really cliché like the Rhyllian people with pointed ears and magical abilities (aka boring copies of elves). And when Sorrow goes to visit the miners she meets a person called ‘Wood’ and another called ‘Salt’. Seriously?! Those are the most terrible names I have ever seen in a fantasy novel.

The plot was very slow to unravel but it was still interesting. I enjoyed reading about the politics and their search to find out who Mael actually is. It was so funny how the big bad villain of the book was just a evil magical farmer lord who wants to grow his evil magical trees to take over the world.

Sorrow and Rasmus were so boring and predictable and insta- at one point I wanted to throw the book at the wall because of them. I was actually happy when they broke up and I don’t know why but I ship Sorrow and Luvian much more. I just felt sorry for Mael. Everything seemed out of his control and he was just the puppet of the evil magical farmer lord. There was a part where I just wanted to dive into the book and give him a hug because he seemed so sad but I do want to know who he really is. Sorrow was pretty good and she did grow in character by the end of the book. She had her moments though, like when she was being attacked in her room and she tried defending herself with a bar of soap.

Overall, the writing was pretty good but there was this phrase that was over used and really got on my nerves:

“Sorrow choked on thin air”

That doesn’t even make sense?!?! You can’t choke on thin air! Why is the air thin? Is Sorrow at a high altitude? Is she climbing a mountain or something???

Anyway, this book wasn’t perfect but I’m going with my gut because for some reason I still liked it so it’s getting 4 stars.

I’ll leave you with the randomest moment in the entire book.

“Luvian crawled out from under the bed, “Behold my redemption arc,” he said”