The Most Magical Reads Of All Time

Sometimes, I read a book that gives me a sense of wonder- like a child in a sweet shop but each jar contains a marvellous new world.

Today, I’ll be talking about my magical reads that filled me with awe and the books I’d reccomend to people looking for a whimsical and creative adventure.

The Night Circus:

The Night Circus was enchanting and while I was reading I kept wishing that it was real so that I could go and visit. It would be so amazing to explore all of the tents and see all of the performances. Throughout the book I was trapped in a bubble of amazement and awe.

The Harry Potter Series:

When talking about magical reads, Harry Potter is a no-brainer. Which place could be more magical than Hogwarts? All of the spells, hidden rooms and unusual creatures send my imagination on a rollercoaster ride!

The Toymakers:

The Toymakers is a poignant story about a magical toy emporium and it’s also a book I wish was real so I could visit it. It doesn’t just focus on the childish wonder associated with the emporium but the magic of friendship and family.

The City of Brass:

The City of Brass is set in Egypt and about a thriving city of djinn shielded from human eyes. The idea is so fascinating and the descriptions of the various djinn and their lives was so interesting! (My review of The City of Brass)


Circe is based on Greek mythology so it’s bound to be magical. It’s full of gods and goddesses, heroes and fantastical creatures. It also merges together many well known legends and myths. (My review of Circe)

A Darker Shade of Magic series:

Parallel worlds, swashbuckling pirates and lots and lots of magic. This series has all of the ingredients for an amazing adventure. Red London, in particular, was awesome and I loved the idea of Antaris  (My review of A Darker Shade of Magic)

Strange the Dreamer:

Strange the Dreamer was whimsical and full of imagination. We get to delve into the real world and the dream world of the book and the characters are so loveable.


Uprooted is a bit more sinister than the books mentioned above with its scary people-devouring trees and evil forest but it still takes the reader on a magically spellbinding journey.

What are your most magical reads? Have you read any of mine? Let me know in the comments!