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Friday Reads- King Of Scars

Friday Reads was invented by The Candid Cover and is a merge of:

  • Book Beginnings which is a book meme hosted by Rose City Reader where we share the first sentence(s) of a book.
  • The Friday 56 which is hosted by Freda’s Voice where we share a snippet from page 56 of a book (or 56% on an e-reader).

Bookish Beginnings:

The first two lines of King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo:

“Dima heard the barn doors slam before anyone else did. Inside the little farmhouse, the kitchen bubbled like a pot on the stove, its windows shut tight against the storm, the air in the room warm and moist.”

I really like these first lines, especially the way Bardugo immediately gives it the feel of a fairy tale. Someone with no prior knowledge of what the book is about could easily mistake it for a sweet, quaint story but when they read on they would realise it’s much more dark and deep than it seems at first. It’s amazing how she manages to set the scene in just a few lines.

The Friday 56:

A snippet of King of Scars from page 56:

“Ravka was many things to him: a grand lady who required constant courting, a stubborn child unwilling to stand on its own, and most often, a drowning man- the more Nikolai struggled to save it, the harder it fought.”

I like the way Ravka is personified in this quote as it makes Nikolai’s relationship with his country seem more real and it conveys how well he knows it and how much he cares about it. It makes his struggles with ruling really easy to understand.

What are you reading this Friday? Let me know in the comments!