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Moments of Sereadipity #1

Sereadipity (noun): when you read a book without knowing much about it beforehand, or with very low expectations, and you end up enjoying it much more than you thought you would. 

Hello everyone! This is my first ‘Moments of Sereadipity’ (sereadipity is a word that I have made up) which is a feature I have created where I write about a book that has surprised me. Today, I will be explaining why I had a ‘moment of sereadipity’ with the book Air Awakens!

  • Book: Air Awakens
  • Author: Elise Kova
  • Year Published: 2015

When I first started reading Air Awakens, I was expecting it to be the standard, tropey fantasy I’m used to reading and while it did have many of the usual elements like a love triangle and the whole main-character-is-the-magical-special-chosen-one thing it combined them in a way that made the book seem unique. The ending definitely took me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting it to be so hard-hitting or gripping. I never expected to become so attached to the characters and invested in the story and I certainly wasn’t expecting the cool Avatar people who turned up near the end. Therefore, Air Awakens qualifies as a sereadipitous book because I loved it way more than I thought I would!

Have you had a ‘moment of sereadipity’? Let me know in the comments!