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Moments of Sereadipity #3

Sereadipity (noun): when you read a book without knowing much about it beforehand, or with very low expectations, and you end up enjoying it much more than you thought you would.

Disreadipity (noun): when you have very high expectations of a book and it ends up dissapointing you.

Hello and welcome to my third ‘Moments of Sereadipity’ which is a feature I have created where I write about a book that has surprised me or a book that has dissapointed me. Today, I will be explaining why I didn’t have a moment of sereadipity with Vox.

  • Book: Vox
  • Author: Christina Dalcher
  • Year Published: 2018

I really thought I would enjoy Vox when I started reading it because the idea of women being limited to 100 words per day is terrifying and I was interested to see how the story would unfold. The first bit of the book was pretty good and intriguing but the ending was so abrupt and rushed. It was basically: ‘they defeated the bad guys and lived happily ever after, the end’ but using a few more words. Therefore, I was really dissapointed and I had a moment of disreadipity with Vox as I thought I would love it and I didn’t.