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The Book Character Awards | Voting Round 1

Hey bookdragons!

The first voting round of The Book Character Awards are now open! Click on the link below to vote for your favourite bookish characters and take part in this exciting event. Thank you again to all the amazing people who nominated characters.

For those of you who don’t know, The Book Character Awards is an event hosted by me where bookworms get to nominate and vote for characters in various categories. The nominations round has already happened. There will be two voting rounds then the winners will be announced!

The first round of voting closes on 14th April 2019.

>>> Click here to vote <<<

The Categories:

  1. Best Dramatic Performance (a character that’s a drama queen/king)
  2. Best Supporting Character
  3. Best Bookish Ship
  4. Worst Bookish Ship
  5. Best Friendship
  6. Kindest Character
  7. Best Villain
  8. Funniest Character
  9. Most Annoying Character
  10. Most Fashionable Character
  11. Weirdest Character
  12. Best Character Arc (someone that has undergone the best character development)
  13. Best Leading Lady
  14. Fiercest, Most Fearless Character
  15. Best Love Interest
  16. Worst Love Interest
  17. Best Bookworm Character
  18. Best Female Morally Grey Character
  19. Best Male Morally Grey Character
  20. Most Charming Character
  21. Most Brutal Backstory
  22. Best Fantasy Badass Female
  23. Worst Love Triangle
  24. Best Love Triangle
  25. Best Parental Figure
  26. Overall Best Book Character

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