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#SixforSunday – Books from my Childhood

#SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by A Little But A Lot. This week’s theme is, ‘books from my childhood’. I have so many happy memories related to books in my childhood and it was a pleasure taking a stroll down memory lane to write this post.

(1) The Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves

These books were my childhood and I loved them so much. My favourite was always Mr Clever and how he wasn’t actually as clever as he thought. I also liked Mr Strong who ate loads of eggs every day, Mr Cheerful who only had three hairs on his head and Little Miss Sunshine who turned Miseryland into Laughterland.

(2) Blue Moon Mountain by Geraldine McCaughrean

This book was probably what started my love of mythological creatures. It was about a girl called Joy who, on a blue moon, goes searching for a unicorn and meets lots of fantastical creatures along the way. My favourite part was the glossary at the back with the pictures, names and stories of loads of different creatures from myth and legend. Also, the illustrations were gorgeous!

(3) The Rainbow Magic books by Daisy Meadows

I was obsessed with these books at one point and I wanted to collect all of the different books about all of the different fairies. I loved all the imaginative stories and I always hated that pesky Jack Frost!

(4) The Animal Ark series by Lucy Daniels

These books were about a girl whose parents were vets and who was always finding and looking after different animals. They were so cute and I really enjoyed reading about each animal’s story.

(5) The Magic Key series by Roderick Hunt

These books were so cool! They were about a group of kids who time travelled with a magic key and I was also completely obsessed at one point.

(6) The Molly Moon series by Georgia Byng

Molly Moon was an orphan who learnt how to hypnotise people from a book and went on all sorts of amazing adventures. These books were so fun to read!

Bonus: Anything by Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton was my favourite author as a child and I read so many of her books: The Famous Five, The Faraway Tree, The Naughtiest Girl, The Secret Seven and The Wishing Chair. I loved her characters and the adventures they went on.

What are your childhood favourites? Let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “#SixforSunday – Books from my Childhood

  1. Ah, I loved the Mr Men books too. We had them at home but my favourite place to read them was in the corner of the library where they were kept. I’d like to read that Geraldine McCaughrean book too, I’ve only read Where the World Ends but I loved that.

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