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#SixforSunday: Couples Who Need a Sequel

#SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by A Little But A Lot.

This week’s theme is, ‘couples who need a sequel’ so here are six bookish couples that, in my opinion, need a sequel right now!

(1) Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles

Cress and Thorne are extremely cute together and a sequel where they go soaring through the skies in the Rampion, saving the world and other extraordinary things would be amazing!

(2) Agnieszka and Sarkan from Uprooted

Uprooted ends with many unanswered questions and I’d love a sequel detailing what happens to Agnieszka and Sarkan. I can just imagine them living in the valley and practising magic and spells every second of every day.

(3) Elisabeth and Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

I love these two so much. They don’t just deserve a sequel but an entire book series about their lives.

(4) Inej and Kaz from Six of Crows

Kaz and Inej just deserve to be happy and writing about them really makes me want to reread Six of Crows!

(5) Thyon and Ruza from Strange the Dreamer

They’re perfect together and I think a sequel about them would be hilarious.

(6) Manon and Dorian from Throne of Glass

Personally, I would have preferred Manon and Dorian to be very good friends and allies instead of being in a romantic relationship but I would still read a sequel about them. After the events that unfold in Kingdom of Ash, they are both in very dark places (especially Manon) and a book where they come to terms with these things and start to heal would be wonderful.

Which bookish couples do you think deserve a sequel? Do you agree with any of mine? Let me know in the comments!

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