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Retelling-A-Thon is Coming to Town!

Hello my bookish turnips!

I am extremely excited to announce that I will be co-hosting the retelling readathon of the century: the Retelling-A-Thon!

Are you a fan of fairy tales? Obsessed with myth and legend? Then join us for the entire month of August to revisit those timeless tales that will always have a place in our hearts!

The hosts, who came up with this awesome idea, are Tay and Missy from Frayed Books (Twitter, Instagram).

The other co-hosts are:

Go check out and follow their amazing blogs!

The readathon lasts an entire month with a different prompts for every week, however you get to choose which week(s) you participate in. The four categories/teams are: mythology, Shakespeare, fairy tales and classics. They will each have their own week.

Click here to sign up via a Google Form and choose your team!

There is no points system- your only competitor is yourself, the only requirement is to enjoy yourself! Later on, we will post graphics so that you can submit your tbr and final stats. Here is an Epic Reads graphic to give you some inspiration (but remember it’s not limited to YA).

At the end of each week there will be a giveaway for a book related to that week’s theme- more information on that will be on Twitter during the readathon.

We will be releasing the prompts next week so that you can start planning your tbr. Until then, express your overwhelming excitement using this hashtag on social media:


Put on your glass slippers and get ready to go to the ball with Retelling-A-Thon 2019!

What are your favourite retellings? Let me know in the comments!

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