The Retelling-A-Thon Prompts Are Here!

Last week, I announced that I would be co-hosting the Retelling-A-Thon and this week I am excited to reveal the prompts, as promised. There is a prompt for every day of the week!

Week 1: Mythology

Hosted by Frayed Books

Week 2: Shakespeare

Hosted by The Hermit Librarian

Week 3: Fairy Tales

Hosted by Sereadipity (me!)

Week 4: Classics

Hosted by JM Bibliolater

Next week, I’ll be posting prompt suggestions for the Fairy Tales categories, until then, you can start constructing your TBRs and share them using the hashtag: #RetellingAThonTBR .

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Top Ten Tuesday: My Summer TBR (which I will TRY to stick to!!!)

Happy summer book dragons!!!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week I’ll by making my summer tbr list (to be read list)!

This shouldn’t really be called my summer tbr- it’s more of a list of books that I should read and hopefully will. The problem is that I can’t stick rigidly to any form of tbr because I’m a 100%, signed and certified, mood reader and if I don’t feel like reading a book, I won’t.  I think the only thing that would make me follow my tbr is one of those unbreakable vows from Harry Potter but, sadly, they don’t actually exist (or do they?).

I’m one of those people who randomly sees a book in a bookshop, library or online and says, “Oooooh that looks interesting, I’m going to read that!” and conveniently forgets about all of the other books they were planning on reading.

A while ago I did a Top Five Wednesday post about books I wanted to read in spring and I read precisely two of those five books during spring.

However I do have a few arcs I need to read before they are released in autumn and I have books I want to read for the Popsugar reading challenge so I will try my best to stick to this!

Anyway, here are my books:

(1) Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff (arc)

(2) The Beckoning Shadow by Katharyn Blair (arc)

(3) The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

(4) The Orphanage of the Gods by Helena Coggan

(5) Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

(6) Tiger Queen by Anne Sullivan (arc)

(7) The Never-Tilting World by Rin Chupeco (arc)

(8) The Girl the Sea Gave Back by Adrienne Young (arc)

(9) Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

(10) Song of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury

What’s on your summer tbr? Let me know on the comments!

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#SixforSunday- Baddies Who Deserve their own Story

#SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by A Little But A Lot. This week’s theme is, ‘baddies who deserve their own story’.

The funny thing about villains is that everyone tends to hate them but at the same time they are very intriguing and I always find myself wondering what happened to them to make them the way they are.

So here are some baddies I think deserve their own story:

(1) The Darkling from The Grishaverse by Leigh Bardugo:

According to the books he is supposedly hundreds of years old so I suppose he’s been on lots of adventures and done lots of terrible things. I think he’d have some very interesting but probably terrifying stories to tell.

(2) Arobynn Hamel from the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas:

We never find out much about Arobynn like how and why he became an assassin, what he had to do to become the King of Assassins and why he decided to take in Celaena. I think he deserves his own background story because he’s so horrible and we never know why.

(3) Smaug from The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein:

Smaug is the gold-hoarding dragon from The Hobbit and I think a story about him would be fascinating for the same reason I think a story about the Darkling would be fascinating. He’s been alive for hundreds of years and has seen so many things that lots of weird and wonderful things must have happened to him.

(4) Legend from Caraval:

He is such a mysterious figure it would be cool to have a story from his perspective and find out what motivates his actions.

Which baddies do you think deserve their own story? Let me know in the comments!

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Friday Reads | The Hobbit

Friday Reads was invented by The Candid Cover and is a merge of:

  • Book Beginnings which is a book meme hosted by Rose City Reader where we share the first sentence(s) of a book.
  • The Friday 56 which is hosted by Freda’s Voice where we share a snippet from page 56 of a book (or 56% on an e-reader).

Book Beginnings:

The first lines of The Hobbit by JRR Tolkein:

“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort”

I love these opening lines, in fact, they’re some of my favourite of all time. Whenever I read them I feel warm and fuzzy inside along with an intense surge of nostalgia.

Tolkein is such a legend.

The Friday 56:

A snippet of page 56 of The Hobbit:

“Out jumped the goblins, big goblins, great ugly-looking goblins, lots of goblins, before you could say rocks and blocks. There were six to each dwarf, at least, and two even for Bilbo; and they were all grabbed and carried through the crack before you could say tinder and flint

Tolkein’s writing style is brilliant. I especially like the way he uses repetition and listing for effect. The Hobbit is a book very close to my heart as it is bursting with whimsy and it has such a fantastical mood to it throughout.

What are you reading this Friday? Let me know in the comments!

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Top Five Wednesday: Favourite Jokesters

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey from gingerreadslainey and now hosted by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. You can find out more at Godreads group.

This week’s theme is ‘favourite jokesters’ so I’ll be talking about my favourite funny characters!

(1) Fred and George Weasley (The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling)

These two were definitely the masters of jokery and always the ones to make light of every situation. They even opened a joke shop called ‘Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes’. Not putting them at the top of this list would be a crime!

(2) Peeves the Poltergeist (The Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling)

I feel like many people forget about Peeves because he wasn’t in any of the Harry Potter movies and he isn’t talked about that much. His forte was causing havoc and devising hilarious pranks to get on everyone’s nerves.

(3) Mark Watney (The Martian by Andy Weir)

For a person who got stuck on Mars where it must have been extremely bleak and desolate, Mark was so, so funny! He was constantly making jokes in the book (and making me laugh out loud).

(4) Mia Corvere (Nevernight by Jay Kristoff)

I wouldn’t necessarily call Mia a ‘jokester’ but she is hilarious. Honestly, some of the things she says and does makes me laugh so much.

Who are your favourite jokesters? Let me know in the comments!

“Mischief managed.”
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Top Ten Tuesday- For the Love of Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is, ‘outrageous things I’ve done for the love of books’. I don’t feel like I do anything particularly outrageous but I guess people who don’t like reading books that much would find some of the things I do for the love of books pretty weird.

(1) Lose Sleep

I’ve lost a lot of sleep over books. Sometimes they’re just so good that I can’t stop reading until late into the night.

In the run up to the release of Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas, I preordered it on my kindle. On the day of the release I randomly woke up at three o’clock in the morning and the first thing I thought about was checking my kindle to see if it had been delivered yet. And that’s how I ended up starting a 900 page book at three in the morning, losing my precious hours of sleep and not regretting it in the slightest!

(2) Read spoilers before a much anticipated book is released

I know, I know. Many other bookworms will most certainly find the fact that I would willingly read spoilers outrageous but sometimes I just can’t wait and if other people have gotten the book before me and want to share spoilers I can’t help but read them!

(3) Do anything for book vouchers

I’ve entered competitions before (and won) solely because the prize was book vouchers. Once I won around £100 in book vouchers- when I want something book related the determination is so great that nothing can stop me!

(4) Use anything and everything as a bookmark so I don’t crease the book pages

I used to be that kind of person who had no qualms about dog-earing books (I know it’s shocking) but now I’m that kind of person who is so worried about creasing the pages I would use anything as a bookmark if I don’t have one nearby.

Examples of things I’ve used as bookmarks: feathers, random bits of paper, ribbon, hair bobbles, pencils, another book and tissues.

(5) Treat books like if they were people

I like taking care of my books and making sure there are no creased pages or cracked spines. The way I see it is that if someone came and cracked my spine it would really, really hurt and would probably paralyse me or something so why on earth would I subject a book to that kind of agony?

I know that probably sounds really weird but that’s how I think about it!

(6) Incessantly talk about books so much it annoys people

I talk about books all of the time. My family and friends have probably had enough of it but they’re too polite to say anything to my face. Also, I don’t just talk, I end up ranting quite often about book ships that shouldn’t exist, books I want to read that haven’t come out, etc.

(7) Take my kindle everywhere

I take my kindle everywhere. I guess that’s not particularly outrageous but what happens quite often is that I’m sitting with a group of friends but completely oblivious to the conversation because I’m too busy reading.

(8) Want to buy books everywhere I go

Everywhere I go I have the urge to buy books. If I’m visiting a new place and it has a book shop I have to go into it and check out the books there.

(9) Buy too many books

I buy more books than I could possibly read. I’ve got so many physical and digital books that I still haven’t read and instead of reading them, I buy more! Also I have multiple editions of books. I have two copies of all of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books and I have two copies of Kingdom of Ash.

(10) Wanting my precious books to become family heirlooms

I’m not even kidding. I will probably pass on my books to my children and get them to pass them on to their own children. Many years down the line when physical books have been replaced by digital books and nobody knows what paper is, my books will become even more precious than they already are!

What outrageous things do you do for the love of books? Let me know in the comments!

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Top Ten Tuesday- Things that make me pick up a book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was created by The Broke and the Bookish but is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Hello everyone! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is, ‘things that make me pick up a book,’ so I’ll be listing all of the things that get me interested in a book or make me want to learn more about it.

(1) A pretty cover

You know how they say don’t judge a book by its cover?

Well, I do. Sorry (not sorry).

I would never read a book solely because I like the cover but whenever I’m in a book store and I see a pretty cover I just have to pick it up and find out what the book is about. If a book that I think I would enjoy reading has a gorgeous cover then it’s a nice bonus!

(2) Dragons

I’m obsessed about dragons so when I see the word, ‘dragon,’ in any book title or a picture of a dragon on a book cover I just have to find out more about it.

That’s just how I am.

(3) Sprayed edges

I am also obsessed about sprayed edges. I just think they’re so beautiful and I’m always looking for an excuse to add another sprayed-edged book to my collection.

(4) The author

There are some authors like Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Jay Kristoff, Kiersten White or Laini Taylor that I would literally read anything they write. If they published a shopping list I’d read it. Seeing a book by an author I really like definitely makes me pick it up!

(5) The price

I love a good book bargain. If I see a book that I think I’ll enjoy reading for a good price, I snap it up immediately!

(6) An unusual title

Some titles are so unusual they just make you pause and marvel about their oddness. And then they make you want to find out more about the book. Here are a couple of examples of weird book titles I’ve heard recently:

☆ Hope, Tears, Steam, Gears (by Gregory L. Norris)

☆ The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (by Stuart Turton)

☆ The Girl Who Drank the Moon (by Kelly Barnhill)

☆ I Felt a Funeral, in my Brain (by Will Walton)

(7) A recommendation

If I see a book that has been recommended to me by a friend or another reviewer/ blogger/ author I’m sure to pick it up and check it out.

(8) Hype

I, too, fall victim to the lure of hype. Honestly, hype can sometimes be worse than the Pied Piper. I’ve read many books because of the hype. Sometimes they’ve lived up to it…. other times not so much.

(9) The blurb

Reading the blurb or summary of a book incites my interest. I tend to like things fantasy related: dragons (obviously), magic, warring kingdoms, lost princesses. Those kinds of things grab my attention immediately.

(10) The spine

Some books have such striking spines that stand out in a whole book shelf of vibrant, colourful book spines and you can’t help but pick them up.

What makes you pick up a book? Let me know in the comments!

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A Wondrous Tale of Whimsy | Review of Strange the Dreamer

Author: Laini Taylor

Year Published: 2017

    • Plot: 5/5
    • Characters: 5/5
    • Writing: 5/5
    • Overall: 5/5

I didn’t know what to expect from Strange the Dreamer (I read it on a whim) but I was more than pleasantly surprised by how much I adored it! It was a lush, whimsical novel that was captivating until the very last page. The plot twists at the end were mind-shattering and I didn’t know what to do with myself! I was just crying and gasping with shock and I was probably bordering hysteria.

Taylor’s writing style was brilliant. It was vividly fantastical and absolutely breath-taking, each word like a brush stroke in the giant canvas of my mind that together painted a shimmering story of love and loss.

“He had crossed continents and drunk starlight from rivers without names. There was no going back from that.”

It told the tale of Lazlo Strange, a young man who was orphaned by the great war of Zosma and worked in a great library. He had one foot in the real world and the other in a land of dreams and wonder, he had a love for fantasy and fairy tales and was convinced that stories always had kernels of knowledge tucked between the pages ‘like toast crumbs on a wizard’s beard’. He was obsessed about the mystery of the city of Weep, a glorious city that was hostile to newcomers that cut of communications with all other cities and countries for no apparent reason many years ago, and was never heard of since. He wanted to know if the magic of his stories was real and he wanted to experience it for himself. Sadly, he thought his dream was impossible- until his dream came to him.

Lazlo was the most loveable, adorable character ever. How can you not like someone whose nose was broken by a book of fairy tales falling on it? It was amazing how he pursued his dream and how his passion and determination led him on the most magical journey imaginable. He was a prime example of the saying, ‘where there is a will, there is a way,’ because somehow, he managed to defy the odds set against him and fulfil his greatest wishes and more.

Sarai came in much further on in the story but was another one of the important characters in the book. She was a ‘godspawn’ and she had blue skin and the ability to enter and manipulate the dreams of others. Her relationship with Lazlo was the cutest, sweetest thing ever! They were perfect for each other and were equally dreamy and bursting with whimsy.

“I think you’re a fairy tale. I think you’re magical, and brave, and exquisite. And I hope you’ll let me be in your story.” 

Thyon Nero was ‘the golden godson’ of the queen of Zosma and generally the most annoying person in the world. He was tasked with turning  was so full of himself he couldn’t possibly dare recognise the good work of others and he couldn’t fathom the possibility that Lazlo, a lowly librarian, could possibly be better than him at anything. I did feel a bit sorry for him but that didn’t excuse his behaviour.

Another character which I felt really bad for but still didn’t like was Minya. She was a godspawn with the ability to capture the soul of a person shortly after they die and keep them as a ghost which she can control. When she was six years old she went though a harrowing event that changed her entire life. Fifteen years later, she still appeared to be a six-year-old and time, for her, had seemingly stopped. I found this to be a really interesting plot device because I guess when people go through traumatic experiences, time does almost stop and life divides into what came before and what came after – Minya’s story illustrated this very cleverly. She was so full of revenge after this event in her life that she became twisted with hate and she would not accept anything that wouldn’t help her achieve her revenge.

Overall, Strange the Dreamer was a gorgeous book that I absolutely adored and would recommend it to all the dreamers out there who are seeking an magical adventure.

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Friday Reads- King Of Scars

Friday Reads was invented by The Candid Cover and is a merge of:

  • Book Beginnings which is a book meme hosted by Rose City Reader where we share the first sentence(s) of a book.
  • The Friday 56 which is hosted by Freda’s Voice where we share a snippet from page 56 of a book (or 56% on an e-reader).

Bookish Beginnings:

The first two lines of King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo:

“Dima heard the barn doors slam before anyone else did. Inside the little farmhouse, the kitchen bubbled like a pot on the stove, its windows shut tight against the storm, the air in the room warm and moist.”

I really like these first lines, especially the way Bardugo immediately gives it the feel of a fairy tale. Someone with no prior knowledge of what the book is about could easily mistake it for a sweet, quaint story but when they read on they would realise it’s much more dark and deep than it seems at first. It’s amazing how she manages to set the scene in just a few lines.

The Friday 56:

A snippet of King of Scars from page 56:

“Ravka was many things to him: a grand lady who required constant courting, a stubborn child unwilling to stand on its own, and most often, a drowning man- the more Nikolai struggled to save it, the harder it fought.”

I like the way Ravka is personified in this quote as it makes Nikolai’s relationship with his country seem more real and it conveys how well he knows it and how much he cares about it. It makes his struggles with ruling really easy to understand.

What are you reading this Friday? Let me know in the comments!