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#SixforSunday: Bookish Habits

Hello my booksicles!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a #SixforSunday but I’ve decided to bring them back! For those who are unfamiliar, #SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by A Little But A Lot and this week’s theme is, ‘six bookish habits’.

I think some of my habits in relation to books have changed over time. For example, I used to always fold over the corner of my page to mark my place in a book but now I use a bookmark because I don’t like creasing the pages anymore. Today however, I’ll be listing six of my bookish habits that have never changed:

1) Reading the last page/ line of a book before I’ve finished it:

Sometimes I just need to know how a book will end or an indication that everything will be alright so I skim the last page or glance at the last line. Normally I don’t spoil too much for myself because I have no idea what’s happening on the last page anyway. Another thing I do, especially in books with multiple points of view, is skip forward a few chapters to check if a certain character is alright because I don’t have the patience to wait several chapters before finding out.

2) Taking the jackets off hardcovers whilst I’m reading them:

The jacket really irritates me when I read a hardcover because it keeps getting in the way and slipping around so normally I just take it off to save me the trouble of constantly adjusting it. Once I’m finished reading the book, I put the jacket back on.

3) Reading before going to sleep:

I like reading before I go to sleep but unlike some people it doesn’t help me to relax, it’s just one of the only times I find time to read so I take advantage of it.

4) Constantly adding books to a never-ending tbr (to be read) list:

I think most people take the idea of a tbr as a list of books they will definitely read at some point or at least try to. However I take it more as a list of books that seem interesting and that I think I will like but if I never get around to reading them, it’s alright. And I know I probably won’t get around to reading most of them because I keep adding more and more intriguing books all the time but I don’t mind and the fact that my tbr is ridiculously long doesn’t stress me out in the slightest. I enjoy finding out about different books regardless if I’ll ever read them.

5) Taking every opportunity to go to a bookshop:

No matter where I go or what I’m doing I can’t resist going into every bookshop I see. Bookshops are my happy place.

6) Reading by mood:

I can’t stick to a rigid tbr because I like to read whatever I feel like reading in that moment. If I’m not in the mood to read a book, I won’t feel motivated to pick it up and will probably spend much longer than usual reading it.

What are your bookish habits? Let me know in the comments!

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#SixforSunday- Bookish Hates

#SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by A Little But A Lot. This week’s theme is, ‘bookish hates’, so this post will be about the six book characters I hate the most. There are some spoilers for the books mentioned so read with caution!

(1) Maeve from the Throne of Glass series:

I despise Maeve. She ruined everything in Empire of Storms. I do not take kindly to one of my favourite characters being whipped and put in an iron coffin. Not at all. In Kingdom of Ash, what she did to Aelin was so horrible and really hard to read about and I think we were supposed to feel a bit sorry for Maeve by the end of the book, but I didn’t because I couldn’t get over all the harm she had caused.

(2) Professor Umbridge from the Harry Potter series:

Professor Umbridge was such a terrible person. She was really creepy and had a weird obsession with cats. Not to mention the fact that she found hurting young children fun. “I must not tell lies…”

(3) Rhysand from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series:

This is probably going to be really unpopular with loads of people but I just don’t understand the fuss about Rhys. In ACOTAR, he hurts and abuses Feyre and then suddenly in the next book we’re supposed to forget about all of that and start fawning over him just becayse they’re mates and he says some nice stuff to Feyre. I just don’t understand it and I don’t think he’s that much of a likeable character anyway.

(4) Alina from the Shadow and Bone series:

I guess I don’t hate Alina, per se, I just strongly dislike her and I find her really bland. She’s a very annoying and whiny main character to read about.

(5) Cal from the Red Queen series:

I don’t hate Cal either but he is so frustrating and boring. Also, for some reason he can never make up his mind! One minute he says, “I love you Mare! You are my everything! I can’t live without you!” and the next minute he goes, “actually… on second thoughts…. I’d rather be king. I must be loyal to my people because they need me!” and then the next day he’s back apologising to Mare. I just don’t understand him. What’s more incomprehensible is why Mare, or anyone else for that matter, were able to put up with him.

(6) Taryn from The Cruel Prince:

I haven’t read The Wicked King yet so maybe she gets some sort of redemption arc, however, in The Cruel Prince, I didn’t like Taryn because she kept so many secrets from Jude and betrayed her.

Which characters do you strongly dislike? Do you agree with the ones I’ve chosen? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments!